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Personal Loans Provider SpeedyLoans Launches New Website

Personal Loans Provider SpeedyLoans Launches New Website

Illinois-based personal loans provider SpeedyLoans is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved website, The new website features an in-house, custom-built content management system, user-friendly interface, and an upgraded and confidential online application meant to serve customers better and communicate securely and flawlessly with the SpeedyLoans proprietary loan management software.

SpeedyLoans was established with the mission to meet the growing demand in Illinois for a reliable, trustworthy, and customer-focused personal loan provider. To further the SpeedyLoans mission to provide the most personalized customer service possible, the new website was designed with ease of use and customer experience in mind. The website’s new navigational style, design, and layout make it as easy as possible for customers to understand personal loans and the loan process. Customers can also turn to the new SpeedyLoans blog for up-to-date financial news, money-saving tips, and industry-leading financial education articles.

SpeedyLoans customers can apply for a personal loan through the seamless, new and improved online application. The fast, easy, and secure online application walks applicants through the loan process step-by-step, ensuring that prospects enter information correctly and get their loan as quickly as possible. In most cases, SpeedyLoans issues personal loans to approved customers by the next business day. That’s lending at the speed of life.

Accompanying the launch of the new website is the release of the new SpeedyLoans logo and slogan, Lending at the Speed of Life, emphasizing the focus on quick, quality customer service and personal loan issuance.

To apply for a personal loan from SpeedyLoans, fill out our fast, easy, and hassle-free application online or in-store. Don’t forget to refer your friends to SpeedyLoans; You can earn $50 for every friend that signs up.

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